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The Bakers Arena

A Baking Special Contest by The Chefs Arena and Cook a Dream

Baking and coding involve using the same parts of your brain and a lot of the same skills, like being able to follow directions or create directions in a very systematic way.
Robin Sloan, American Author


Precision, Science, Art, Love, Nostalgia and a total stress buster. That’s what Baking is all about. Baking is for everyone. 

Come join ‘The Bakers Arena’, the most awaited Bakery Edition where we combine baking and learning, to make it a fun experience.

Jury Chef .png

Birthday Cake

Grand Prizes

1 Bumper Prize

1 Winner and 2 Runners Up for each Category 

A 21 Day Specially Designed Bakery Course by Amity University, Jaipur, for the Winners


Gift Hampers for the Top 10 in each category


 Participation Certificates for All Registered Participants

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