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  • Who can participate in The Bakers Arena?
    This edition of the contest is open to: Category 1: The 12-18 age group All students from Grade 8 -12 Anyone in this age group Category 2: The Open Category For the 18 plus age group Home bakers and hobby bakers School/College Leaders, principals, teachers, non teaching staff Students from IHMs, Catering Institutes and other colleges Anyone in this age group Category 3: The Professionals All professionals working in the bakery/culinary industry
  • How will the contest be conducted?
    The contest will be conducted online and will be judged by experts. The Contest will be held in 2 stages: Stage 1: Registration and submission of recipes online Stage 2: Submitting recipes with a higher level of difficulty
  • What should the participants bake in Round 1?
    The 12-18 age group 1. Brownie/Small cakes, 2. Pizza Watch the pre loaded video on Cook a Dream Challenge’s YouTube Channel Replicate the recipe Elevate it by adding your own touch Submit your video recipes Top 10 finalists and Top 3 Winners Only one round The Open Category 1. A half kilogram cake with icing, 2. Bread Any cake of the participant’s choice Confectionery/Icing could include whipped cream, fruit gels, chocolate, or Indian confectionery like kaju katli, kalakand, motichoor laddoos, rasmalai etc. Breads could be Indian or international In alignment with the brief provided Share video recipes Top 15 go to the final round Submit a recipe with a higher difficulty level/based on the brief provided Top 3 get declared as winners The Professionals 1. Petit Fours, 2. Laminated pastry Confectionery/Icing could include whipped cream, fruit gels, chocolate, or Indian confectionery like kaju katli, kalakand, motichoor laddoos, rasmalai etc. In alignment with the brief provided Laminated pastry could have Indian or International origins Share video recipes Top 15 go to the final round Submit a recipe with a higher difficulty level/based on the brief provided Top 3 get declared as winners
  • What are important dates for The Bakers Arena contest?
    Dates: 23/06/2021 : Registrations Open 04/07/2021 : Registrations Close 14/07/2021 : Submissions for Round 1 24/07/2021 : Submissions for Round 2 25/07/2021 : Announcement of Winners Workshop Dates: 05/07/2021 to 14/07/2021
  • When will the videos for Round 1 be uploaded on the YouTube Channel?
    The videos for the Brownie and Pizza will be uploaded on or before 4th July 2021
  • How can my school/college/institution/organisation get associated?
    Interested schools/colleges/institutions/organisations can write an email to us or Whatsapp us for getting associated/participating at the school level. We can be reached on Feel free to call us on +91 9764062266 or +91 8779798027.
  • Is there is Registration fee?
    Registration is free for the 12-18 years category (Category 1). The Registration fee for Category 2 and 3 is INR 200/- Cancellation or Refund of Reigistration Fee not permitted.
  • What are the modes of payment?
    Payment can be made on the payment link available on the registration page.
  • How to submit the recipes?
    Procedure for submitting recipe 1. Every participant needs to submit the following for first round: A video and photos for both the recipes as mentioned in the baking tasks. If the participant submits only one recipe, the entry will be disqualified A video recording of the preparation of the recipe reduced to under 3 minutes. The participants face must be visible during the video and the participants have to introduce themselves by telling their name, city, and Unique ID number. Please note, any video which is more than 3-minutes long will be disqualified (refer the instructions for recording videos in the FAQs section of the website). 2. Every participant is required to submit 3 photographs – One of the finished baked product. One of final product with the participant holding it and clearly visible One of the cross section of the bake, cut in the middle to reveal crumb/the inner side of the bakes 3. Recipe – A detailed recipe along with the ingredients and method has to be submitted in the prescribed format of the recipe. Check the Rule Book for more details. The Rule Book will also be sent along with the welcome email. 4. Videos, Photographs, Recipe and Method has to be submitted through email to for Category 1 for Category 2 for Category 3 5. Detailed instructions will be shared through the email. 6. You can talk about the recipe while recording the video 7. Videos with background music will be disqualified For the second round, the details would be shared with the finalists.
  • Are there any specific instructions for recording the video?
    All safety precautions should be taken while shooting the video in a clean kitchen Ensure that there is enough light Shoot the video in a landscape mode, holding the phone horizontally Do not shoot on a selfie mode, use the rear view camera for shooting the video Ask a friend or a family member to do the video shooting Wear apron and cap while baking Use oven mittens/gloves to keep your hands safe from heat The video should not be longer than 3 minutes for each baking task Participants would also need to submit 3 photographs and these should align with the video submitted The name of the recipe should appear on the title of the video along with the name, category and Unique IDand match with the video recipe submitted The video should not miss relevant steps like placing the cake batter in the oven, pre-heating, setting the right temperature, getting the cake/bake out of the oven, testing the cake etc. Photographs should be in the jpeg format and not the High Resolution format One photograph should be included in the submission template There should be two focused ingredients should also be highlighted in the video. For example a blueberry cake should have blueberries in it and the photographs and video should show the blueberry content in the bake The face of the participant has to be visible on the video Participants need to share original videos of them creating the recipe and not videos from youtube or other video platforms Participants need to share a well edited video Video’s longer than 3 minutes will not be eligible for the contest Also refer to the Rule Book for more details
  • What would a contestant’s journey look like?
    Contestants Journey Category 1: Register on the website Choose the baking task for Category 1 Replicate the recipes from the list and elevate them by adding your own special touch Submit the photographs and videos of you baking and elevating the recipe Get judged by the eminent jury and win prizes Category 2 and 3: Register on the website Choose the baking task for the respective category Follow the brief given for the respective category Submit a recipe with a higher level of difficulty for Round 2 Get judged by the eminent jury and win prize
  • What is Round 2 all about?
    Round 2 is about submitting a recipe with a higher level of difficulty. The brief will be shared with the Top 15 participants selected for Round 2.
  • How many participants will be selected for Round 2?
    15 participants each from Category 2 and 3 will be selected for the Final Round/Round 2.
  • When will Round 2 results be declared?
    Round 2 results will be declared on 25th July 2021
  • Who will evaluate the recipes?
    The recipes will be evaluated by a panel of judges which would include different sets of experts from the culinary/bakery industry for different levels. This would involve junior and senior pastry chefs and food experts. The same would be updated on the website
  • How will the evaluation be done?
    The evaluations will be done on the following parameters: Round 1: The replicating of the recipe with precision/following the brief given Choice of complementing ingredients to elevate the recipe The measuring of ingredients and baking temperatures including preheating Alignment of the recipe to the photographs and video shared Creativity, presentation and out of the box ideas Round 2: Following the brief given Level of difficulty The final appearance of the bakes The final presentation and tasting of the bakes (tasting won’t be done for any of the rounds) Additional Points Pizzas could comprise thick crust or thin crust Bread could be any variety; leavened or unleavened Bread should include ingredients that are nutritive, immunity boosting, and healthy The quantity of these ingredients should be visible in the final product The recipes can be baked with or without eggs (but for the vegan baking tasks) Jury Parameters
  • Will Round 2 be virtual?
    Yes. All the rounds will be virtual. However if the pandemic situation eases off, Round 2 could be an in person round.
  • When will the workshops take place?
    The specially curated workshops will be held in between 4th Jully 2021 and 14th July 2021. Prior intimation will be sent to all the participants. All the registered participants will be invited well in advance to participate in all these workshops that would focus on the basic skills in baking, patisserie, confectionery and chocolaterie, equipment, pricing the bakes and avenues to market these. Check the workshops section on the website.
  • Are the workshops the same for all the categories?
    Yes. As the workshops cover the basic techniques that are essential to learning baking as a science and an art, pricing and marketing, the workshops are the same for all the categories. All the workshops are free and open to all those who are interested.
  • What are the prizes?
    Participation Certificates will be awarded to all registered participants 1 Winner and 2 Runners up from each Category will be awarded prizes (TBD)
  • What is the time limit for Round 1 and Round 2?
    There is no time limit for baking. However, the videos that will be submitted should not last for more than 3 minutes, for each of the bakes.
  • Can a participant from Category 1 participate in Category 2?
    Yes. The participants from Category 1, i.e., the 12-18 age group, can participate in Category 2, by registering under Category 2 by paying the registration fee of INR 200/- However a participant from Category 2 or 3 cannot participate in Category 1.
  • Can a participant in any category bake vegan recipes Lively Local Indian Bakes?
  • When will the Round 1 results be announced?
    The Round 1 Results will be announced on 20th July 2021.
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