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Contest Idea

The Bakers Arena is a Baking Competition where everyone can participate. Be it children, home chefs, culinary students, professionals, or anyone who can bake and loves to bake. This unique online contest will also induct the participants into the basics of professional baking, patisserie and confectionery, pricing, and building and growing a successful bakery business. 

The online contest is open to 3 distinct categories -

Category 1 : The 12-18 Age Group

Category 2 : The 18 plus Open Category

Category 3 : The Professionals

Workshops at no cost

​ 5 Specially Curated Workshops Open to All

  1. Bare Necessities: The basics of Bakery, Confectionery, and Patisserie

  2. Be Prepared: Equipment, Ingredients, Basic line of bakes and varieties needed to run a successful bakery

  3. A Whole New World: Packing, Packaging, Shelf Life, Hygiene, Quality Control, etc. needed to maintain safety and standards

  4. Let's Get Down to Business: Pricing the bakes/products for different demographics

  5. I Will Find My Way: Avenues for Marketing, online and offline

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